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5 things you should do in Rivas

Whether from Spain or abroad, you mustn’t miss the opportunity to discover all that Rivas has to offer.

Rivas-Vaciamadrid, 15 km fr...

We opened our first community, Be Casa Rivas

Be Casa is built on four key principles: flexibility, affordability, community and sustainability. December 1st was a very special day, as we...

Why choose a furnished apartment?

There are several types of apartments on the market today. If you have already decided to move into new accommodation, you have probably alre...

What is sustainable housing?

It is a fact that nowadays homes and other environments in which people live, or reside most of the time, contribute to CO2 emissions and, th...

What is job relocation?

Living in a globalised world means that geographical borders are becoming an ever smaller constraint on the activities of individuals and com...

Do you know what a digital nomad is?

The global pandemic declared in 2020 resulted in an unprecedented boom in teleworking, making digital nomadism a rising trend. However, not e...

How much does it cost to leave home in Spain?

Leaving your parents´ or legal guardians’ home is a major decision, the definitive step into adulthood, the moment when you become resp...

3 things to see in Rivas – Vaciamadrid

Although the proximity and easy access to the centre of the capital have made Rivas-Vaciamadrid one of the most populous and attractive areas...

6 weekend plans for Madrid

If you’ve read our previous posts, you’ll know that if you live at Be Casa you’re just a stone’s throw away from one ...

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