About us

We are Be Casa, the difference between lodging and living

About us

We provide the very best of a hotel with the feeling of being at home.

Be Casa is a 1 star apartment hotel with an extremely ambitious goal: to provide the best accommodation to people, whatever the length of their stay, from days to months. We do not just build spaces where you can stay, we want to contribute to the personal development of our residents by understanding their needs and providing solutions for their work, leisure and rest.

30 years of experience in this business


2500 apartments in Madrid


3 communities in Madrid


Work for people's quality of life

We do this by creating spaces and environments that strike a balance between privacy and connecting with the world, between professional development and personal well-being, and between the individual and the community.

Our values

We can only deliver the best if we adapt to others.


Our commitment to the environment is embodied in actions such as using clean energy to power our facilities or promoting sustainable mobility by providing bicycle racks and choosing locations that are well connected by public transport.


Our great goal is to help our residents fully enjoy all aspects of their lives. The spaces and services at Be Casa are designed to provide well-being for both work and relaxation.


We believe that everyone has the right to a good life. That's why we make the best facilities and the best services available to everyone, regardless of their age or personal situation.


At Be Casa, we believe that the facilities should adapt to people. We are flexible because we adapt to the needs of each resident, whether in terms of length of stay, services or type of accommodation.

About us?

Today here, tomorrow everywhere

Discover our current locations in Madrid.


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