Our commitment to the environment

Our key principles

Our sustainability policy is based on the following principles

At Be Casa, we are equally committed to the environment as we are to the well-being of our residents. Put simply, all our facilities are sustainable, consume minimal water, electricity or materials, and provide excellent levels of functionality, flexibility and durability.

Health and well-being

We take care of every aspect that affects the comfort and health of our residents: thermal comfort, natural and artificial lighting, air quality, noise, etc.

Energy efficiency

We optimise the reduction of CO2 emissions through efficient measures, such as maximising the use of natural light, using sustainable materials and monitoring the building's energy consumption.


Our locations provide access to public transport and green mobility, in areas equipped with all the necessary services to minimize travel.


We guarantee a sustainable supply of water, with efficient appliances (taps, toilets, etc.), flow reducers, etc.


We encourage the use of recycled products and have both recyclable and non-recyclable household waste storage spaces.

Land use and ecology

We see the land where our buildings are located as a piece of the planet that we protect by preserving ecologically valuable elements and creating new habitats.


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