3. General Terms and Conditions of Booking and Contracting

These conditions regulate the general terms and conditions of temporary accommodation booking services (long or short stays) and their hiring through this website. The booking services for accommodation in any of the establishments and for any other service offered on this website are regulated by these conditions of use, which form an integral part of and complete the Legal Notice.
The use of these services shall imply the full and unreserved acceptance of each and every one of the General Terms and Conditions of Contract contained in the latest updated version of this section.
The company that owns the website hereby informs you that the formalities to obtain the provision of the services offered, as well as other specific or promotional services displayed on the screen during browsing, are those set out in these General Conditions of Booking and Contracting. You hereby declare that you are aware of and accept that these formalities are necessary to contract the services offered on this website.
The website owner reserves the right to change unilaterally and without prior notice any of the terms contained in these General Conditions in the manner it deems appropriate, informing the User of the changes made through the website to make them known and to be accepted by the User.
If one of the provisions of these General Conditions were declared null and void or inoperative, the rest of the General Conditions shall remain in force.
The User undertakes to use this service in accordance with the law, morals, good customs and public order, and with the provisions of these General Conditions for online booking. Consequently, the User agrees not to use these services for purposes that are illicit and/or contrary to the provisions of these General Conditions, against the law and/or against the interests of third parties or in any way that may damage the services provided by the owner and/or their image.

3.1. Use of the Long-Stay Booking Service

Users who are interested in staying in any of our buildings must fill in an application form with their personal details to reserve an apartment in the selected building. The purpose of this service is to book an apartment and/or other optional services for a specific period (on a temporary basis) in one of our buildings.

Users who access this service must be of legal age under Spanish law and have the necessary and sufficient legal capacity to contract the services offered on this website. If minors wish to book accommodation, their parents or guardians must formalise the booking process (by filling in the booking form) and contract the accommodation service.

In general, the personal data you provide will be used to process the booking of accommodation and/or services, if any, and for the subsequent contracting process with the Client/User. Consent to the disclosure of personal data may be revoked at any time but shall not be retroactive.

The data provided by the User will be used to attend to their booking request and to adapt the products and services requested to the User’s preferences as indicated in the Accommodation Booking Form (data registration) and will imply the use of their email address to receive any communication from Be Casa. To start the booking application process, the User will have to access the Accommodation Booking Form and fill in their personal data together with other data requested for the correct provision of the service. Once the form has been completed, it cannot be processed or sent if the interested client has not previously and voluntarily accepted the Booking Terms & Conditions. We recommend that all Users carefully read the wording of these Terms & Conditions before accepting them.

After completing the booking form, the User will be sent an email confirming receipt of their request, and it will be automatically registered in the database.
An email message will be sent to the email address provided by the User with an offer based on the details of the booking request, and once accepted, the User will receive an email to initiate the booking process through the resident’s portal, where they will have to fill in additional personal details and attach identification and financial documentation to guarantee that they meet the minimum requirements to be able to make the reservation.

Once the documents have been completed and uploaded, the application will be reviewed. After approval, the User will receive an email to finalise the booking process. They will have to sign the accommodation contract, pay the deposit and set up the direct debit, if applicable. Once this process has been completed, the booking will be confirmed.

Upon acceptance of the booking form, completion of the booking process, and once the reservation has been confirmed, an email will be sent to the address provided by the client to set up their password and username to access the client/resident’s personal portal where they can also consult the contract accepted online, contract optional additional services, and view information about the building, facilities, activities, etc.

With regard to the password entered, the User shall be responsible at all times for the safekeeping of his/her password and for maintaining its confidentiality, thereby being liable for any damages and/or losses that may arise from its improper use, as well as from the transfer, disclosure or loss of the same. If the User forgets the password or if there is any other circumstance that entails a risk of access and/or use by unauthorised third parties, the User shall immediately notify the owner so that the latter can immediately proceed to block the password and replace it with a new one. In any case, any operation carried out prior to such notification shall be deemed to have been carried out by the User, who shall be liable for any damages arising from any unauthorised access and/or use made prior to such notification.

3.2. Daily Accommodation Booking Service Using the Online Booking Engine

This daily accommodation booking service using an online booking engine is operated by an outsourced UK company named LAVANDA VENTURES LTD., with registered office at 1 Long Lane, London, SE1 4PG, United Kingdom, VAT Number GB203361357 and Registered in England and Wales under Registration Number 09059982. The management and administration services are provided privately through an online booking engine system called “LAVANDA” for daily accommodation in the various apartments operated by Greystar. This system allows the client to make a reservation directly and quickly through the website: www.becasaapartments.com. It will also act as the application’s email service provider during the booking process and will be responsible for maintaining the booking engine.
For more information about LAVANDA’s booking engine system and security policy, see https://getlavanda.com/policy/security.

3.2.1. Accommodation Booking Conditions and Contracting Procedure.

The User/Client will fill in a booking form for daily accommodation in any of these apartments. A check box will appear at the end of the form containing the contracting conditions for this type of reservation so that the client can accept them if he/she agrees with them.
The client must accept these Terms and Conditions (by ticking the checkbox) in order for the online contract to be fully formalised.
Once the User has filled in the form with all the data and submitted it, the User will immediately receive confirmation of the reservation by email, in which the User will be assigned a booking confirmation number. This email will serve as confirmation and proof of the reservation. Daily accommodation reservations shall be prepaid, so shall be payable upon acceptance of the booking form.

3.2.2. Cancellation Policy.

Reservations made through this website will be guaranteed by the credit/debit card provided by the Client/User on the form. The reservations made through this website  are under prepayment or non-refundable conditions, so in the cancellation case the total of the part paid in advance will be charged.
No-shows at check-in will result the immediate cancellation of the reservation.
If the customer decides to leave the apartment before the end of the contracted stay, the penalty will consist of the total paid amount of the stay.
If you wish to cancel an online reservation, you must do so in writing by sending an email to the Be Casa email address (info@becasaapartments.com).

3.2.3. Price

The prices of the apartments are per day and include VAT, as shown on this website.

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